Freeview films from 24 September 2022

World Cinema Sunday (25/9)          23:50   Film4   The Handmaiden (2016) I’ve written about this lots of times, and I’m not really that big a fan. So I’ll reprint approximately what I wrote before: ‘Park Chan-Wook’s glossy period thriller, set during Japan’s long occupation of Korea: a crime story with lesbian trimmings, or… [continues]

Freeview films from 27 August 2022

World Cinema Saturday (27/8)   21:05    Talking Pictures   The Pianist (2002). An family of artistic and intellectual Polish Jews falls foul of the Nazi occupiers during WW2. The eldest son, a talented pianist, played by Adrian Brody, is separated from the family, so forced to survive in isolation. The film pays tribute to the quiet… [continues]