Freeview films from 23 April 2022

World Cinema Saturday (23/4) 01:35   Film4    The Guilty (2018). This Danish thriller, directed by debutant Gustav Möller, is basically a one-hander. Jakob Cedergren plays Asger, a Copenhagen police officer handling emergency calls while he awaits trial for shooting dead a 19-year-old man. He takes a call from a woman named Iben (Jessica Dinnage) who appears to… [continues]

Freeview films from 9 April 2022

World Cinema  Sunday (10/4)       22:30    BBC4     Yuli (2018) .This is billed as a biopic of the Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta, but as a film it is much more than that. It is directed by the renowned Spanish actress, writer and director Iciar Bollain, and co-written, with Acosta himself, by Paul Laverty, long-time screenwriter for… [continues]