The Eclectic Cinema

It’s almost time for The Eclectic Cinema to begin … Things kick off on Monday evening, Jan 24, at Cheltenham Playhouse, with Charlie Chaplin’s MODERN TIMES. This is Chaplin’s brilliant satirical comedy from 1936, exploring the changes to the world of work – employment and unemployment – during the Great Depression. Chaplin directed the film… [continues]

Freeview films 22/1/22 (a palindrome) to 27/1/22

World Cinema Sunday (23/1)         01:25    BBC2                     Personal Shopper (2016)  A powerful supernatural thriller by Olivier Assayas, the second film he has directed featuring Kristen Stewart, who plays Maureen, the personal shopper of the title, working for Kyra, an aloof and demanding supermodel… [continues]