Welcome to Film Cheltenham

Well, we’ve stopped doing the weekly listings, but we still like writing about films.

This week we’ve added a couple of pieces about Jean-Luc Godard’s Pierrot le fou, which is showing at the Eclectic Cinema, at the Playhouse, on Monday 16 January. Details of the screening are on the Eclectic Cinema’s website. It starts at 19:30 and will be very good fun. The pieces are an inquiry into Godard and his film, by me, and a witty survey of the role of cars in the films of Godard and French cinema generally, by John Russell. I hope you enjoy them.

Othrwise, this is a website created John Morrish and my friends and colleagues to celebrate the art, culture and history of cinema, for the benefit of people living around Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and elsewhere.

You will find here reviews, previews and anecdotes about films coming on the Freeview channels; obituaries and odd snippets about other film-related personalities and events; and sometimes free (and accurate, where possible) information about what is going on in our local cinemas.

If you would like to be involved, let me know. Writing is fun and publishing that writing is even better.

John Morrish