Freeview films from April 2, 2022

World Cinema Sunday (3/4)           00:35    BBC2   Amundsen (2019). We in Britain hear a lot about Scott’s failed expedition to the South Pole [especially in Cheltenham] but very little about Amundsen’s successful one. What does that say about us? This is Espen Sandberg’s film (in Norwegian, with English subs) about the latter, but also… [continues]

Freeview films from 19 March 2022

World Cinema Saturday (19/3)        22:00   BBC4       Burning (2018). Mesmerising mystery-thriller from South Korean director Lee Chang-dong. A struggling young man meets a mysterious woman he used to know. She asks him to look after her cat, then introduces him to a richer rival with a dangerous preoccupation. A 148-minute dreamscape,… [continues]