Films around Cheltenham from March 12, 2022

The Roses

Cyrano continues at The Roses this week with a range of screenings to suit all circumstances. Just as a reminder, P means Prompt start (allegedly) i.e., no trailers or adverts, S is for subtitles for the hard of hearing and R is a ‘relaxed’ screening. There is also the rather redundant E for Elevenses, as I think you have to buy your own these days. Also two chances to see The Beatles: The Rooftop Concert , which has been doing the rounds lately.

The Guildhall

 No new films at the Guildhall this week, but more screenings of Ali and Ava and The Duke as described in last week’s newsletter. Cyrano starts there on Friday 18th.

The Cineworlds

The new film at the Cineworlds this week is Red Rocket. An LA porn star goes back to his hometown in Texas and some sort of romantic entanglement ensues with a doughnut-shop worker called Strawberry. That’s as much as I know. Cineworld Cheltenham seems to have gone crazy for Bollywood. Lots of those. Go figure.

The Tivoli

Nothing new here.

The Sherborne

Nothing new at the Sherborne either. Shame.

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