Freeview films from 24 September 2022

World Cinema Sunday (25/9)          23:50   Film4   The Handmaiden (2016) I’ve written about this lots of times, and I’m not really that big a fan. So I’ll reprint approximately what I wrote before: ‘Park Chan-Wook’s glossy period thriller, set during Japan’s long occupation of Korea: a crime story with lesbian trimmings, or… [continues]

Freeview films from 27 August 2022

World Cinema Saturday (27/8)   21:05    Talking Pictures   The Pianist (2002). An family of artistic and intellectual Polish Jews falls foul of the Nazi occupiers during WW2. The eldest son, a talented pianist, played by Adrian Brody, is separated from the family, so forced to survive in isolation. The film pays tribute to the quiet… [continues]

Freeview films from 23 July 2022

World Cinema Saturday (23/7)        23:15    Film4    Sputnik (2020). Not seen this, but I want to. I like Russian science fiction. One of my little projects is to acquire the film of Zamyatin’s extraordinary We, which was the first book censored by Lenin after the Revolution. Sadly, the cultural boycott has made doing business with Russia… [continues]