Films around Cheltenham from 22/1/22

Here are the films around Cheltenham, starting on Palindrome Day. We haven’t filled in the really obvious places yet, but the links are there for you to find out their programmes yourself.

The Roses

After a busy time at the Roses last week, there is now something of a lull. The three films that started on Friday 21st – Licorice Pizza, The King’s Man and The Humans all continue with screenings at various times. The latest re-working of the classic Cyrano, starring Peter Dinklage, was scheduled to open on Friday 28th, but the release date has been postponed.

The Guildhall

Power of the Dog and The Humans both continue. Midweek there are two screenings of an intriguing sounding film called Lapwing, directed by Philip Stevens. It is set in 16th century England when an Act of Parliament criminalised Romani and Gypsy people and those who gave them shelter. The story is of a community of salt farmers who arrange illegal passage to Europe for just such a group. People smuggling is clearly nothing new. Starting on Friday 28th there is Boiling Point, described in last week’s newsletter. Also starting on Friday 28th is Drive My Car, an adaptation of a short story by Haruki Murakami, directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi. A recently widowed theatre director develops a bond with the emotionally withdrawn woman who is assigned to him as his chauffeur. Intimate truths about both their lives emerge during the long car journeys they share.

The Cineworlds

The Tivoli

The Sherborne

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