Films around Cheltenham from 6 August 2022

The Roses

Nothing of note. Crawdads again, plus Olivia Colman in Joyride, an Irish film in which she plays a passenger in a taxi that is stolen by a 12-year-old boy. According to IMDB: ‘Follows Joy, a train-wreck on an adventure who is ready to give away her new-born baby. Joined by a cheeky street urchin, they are two diamonds in the rough on the run.’

Here’s Stephen’s comment after the film’s brief foray into Cineworld: ‘With Olivia Colman starring, one would have expected Joyride to be worth seeing, but once it opened and a few critics saw it, the reasons it was few became clear!’

Weirdly, there don’t even seem to be any publicity stills online. Why does this film not look like a winner?

Memo to film industry: other actresses are available, some of them Irish.

The Guildhall

Isn’t it closed for refurbishment or something? The website is blank, which is a statement of a sort.

The Sherborne

Minions, Railway Children, Leo Grande and then Crawdads from Friday.

The Cineworlds

Nothing new except Bullet Train, a comedy-thriller in which a group of assassins, led by Brad Pitt, are on one of those pointy rapid-transport vehicles and all sorts of predictable mayhem takes place. It gets a 55 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Tivoli

Amusingly, someone has been through my website and removed all the reviews of films at The Tivoli since 9 June. I’m not pointing any fingers until I find out who did it. But then, to coin a phrase, There Will Be Consequences.

In the meantime, if you like films, go somewhere better and cheaper.

2 thoughts on “Films around Cheltenham from 6 August 2022

  1. Whoops – you need to up-end your ‘p’ in Ry Cooper/Cooder! Just a typo I presume in your paragraph about Paris, Texas. Great, great music btw.
    Enjoy your weekly resumés.

    1. Oh, poor Ryland. I hope he isn’t too upset. I’m wondering whether I subliminally mixed him up with Ray Cooper, the prolific session percussionist who sometimes formed part of Elton John’s travelling circus back in the late Jurassic, before dear Reg became a waxwork.

      I love Ry. I’ve paid a friend of mine in the States to teach me and a couple of friends to play slide electric guitar, which pretty much means the Cooder catalogue. One of the only decent freebies I collected in my career was a huge box set of his albums, on vinyl. That was in about 1985. He’s probably done three times as many since then.

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