Films around Cheltenham from 4/12/21

The Cineworlds Some Harry Potter reruns. Some Matrix reruns. A new Resident Evil called Welcome to Raccoon City. A live event-cinema thing featuring the pomaded poltroon Andre Rieu, my late mum’s favourite. Another event=cinema thing featuring Gorillaz, probably aimed at a slightly different audience. Also, something about Monsta X, apparently a K-Pop band. And The… [continues]

Films around Cheltenham from 27/11/21

The Cineworlds A lot of very familiar stuff at the Cineworlds this week: The House of Gucci, Encanto, King Richard, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Eternals, etc, etc. There are a couple of ‘Unlimited’ exclusive screenings of Boxing Day, which is a post-Christmas mid-Atlantic romcom with a largely black cast, directed by Ami Ameen, whose trans-Atlantic acting and… [continues]

Films around Cheltenham from 6 November 2021

The Cineworlds The new film this week at the Cineworlds is Eternals, another from the everlasting fount of mediocrity that is Marvel Studios. This one is directed by Chloé Zhao, the Chinese-born, LA-educated, director of the multi-Oscar-winning Nomadland (2020). It stars two Brits: Gemma Chan, who made her name with Channel Four’s android saga Humans,… [continues]